Send, Track & Optimize Bulk Email Messages Worldwide

Send rich, interactive emails in bulk from anywhere in the world using Whispir’s cloud communications platform.

Whispir enables you to manage two-way email communications, contacts, custom workflows and reporting all through a secure online platform. Using single-sign on, compose all your communications through a single login.


One platform, 8+ channels

Whispir gives you the ability to communicate to your customers, partners & staff across all communication channels including email, SMS, HTML5 mobile web, RSS, social media, web publishing & voice.

Build rich email experiences

Amaze your audience with beautifully crafted, vibrant, content-rich email message experiences. Create fully interactive emails & web pages using photos, video, maps, events, surveys and responses, that delight and empower your customers.

Whispir’s Rich Message Builder allows you to easily craft interactive emails that stand out. Simply drag & drop to create rich, vibrant emails. No coding required.


 Trigger multi-channel workflows with Email-in

Trigger extensive, multi-channel workflows in email responses to determine who gets what, when and how. Use conditional logic or specific keywords to trigger automated responses, or escalate inbound messages to crucial distribution lists.

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Secure your communications

Whispir uses STARTTLS to encrypt all emails sent from the Whispir Platform, helping keep your data and privacy secure.

Meet SPF Standards (Sender Policy Framework) by connecting authorized sending hosts and IP addresses for your domain to Whispir. Ensure your messages are marked as secure and increase your email success rate.


Endless enterprise emailing features

Aside from being a robust, bulk email sender, Whispir includes advanced functionality such as email to SMS standard with all plans. Whispir’s easy to use Email to SMS gateway allows once-off and group SMS creation from the familiar interface of email, for direct messaging to mobile.

Click here for more information on email to SMS.

The power of Whispir

Source & Integrate data

Source & Integrate data

Source & integrate event driven data using open API’s and an easy-to-use workflow builder.

Communicate & Engage

Communicate & Engage

Automate Whispir workflows to drive who gets what, when, and how.

Create & Orchestrate

Create & Orchestrate

Simply drag and drop to craft, vibrant communications that delight your customers. No coding required.

Measure your success

Measure your success

Capture every interaction, analyse, test and iterate to build new capabilities and improve existing ones.

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