Create Powerful Voice Experiences With Easy-to-Implement Workflows

Voice Messaging captures critical information while flexibly enabling callers to trigger extensive workflows

Either record your own unique voice message on your device, or use text-to-voice to type your message to be spoken to your audience. It's that easy!

Engage your audience with Voice-In

Use Voice-In apps and tailored keypad prompts to send communications and start scenarios from any mobile device. 

When easy access is paramount to your business, Voice-In apps - requiring no training, are your answer. Simply call a phone number to prompt and manage the ideal communication sequence from your team and customers. 

Voice-In apps can be customized to meet any use case, with a combination of either text-to-speech or recorded voice, allowing you to stay in control of the scenario at hand. 

Let us show you the power of Whispir Voice

The power of Voice-In is in conducting both simple and complex tasks by simply following the prompts, with no internet access required

With dozens of existing use cases, Whispir’s automated, dynamic interactive voice response (IVR) line with menus, options and workflow customization are the efficient and interactive way to meet your custom communications needs today.

Use Voice-Out to respond, mobilize and inform teams and stakeholders as soon as an event occurs

Voice-Out apps allows you to send recorded and/or text-to-speech messages to any mobile phone device or landline phone quickly and securely.

The ability to customize the introduction and body of the call-outs ensures messages are up-to-date and consistent with your business’s projects and processes.

Create personalized voice messages quickly and easily, previewing messages to check for sound quality, structure and accuracy prior to sending. 

Endless opportunities and use cases



Automatic teleconferencing, bridging and escalation functionality are supported as if a user was invoking the command via the Web Platform.



Broaden your reach and engage with the global community with voice messaging being sent and received in a range of 50+ languages in total.



Using a unique ID, the caller can be validated against the Whispir database. Callers can be validated prior to recording an event or incident to ensure that there is no misuse of the service.



Trigger multi-channel messaging templates to any distribution list based upon specific user types.

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