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Schools and academic bodies are confronted on a daily basis with incidents that could develop into full blown crises, if the right course of action isn’t taken. These could include severe weather, disease outbreaks, technological breakdown, and of course, violence.

For the Education sector, having a communications response plan for an emergency scenario is critical and it needs the right tools to automate and reach the stakeholders in the fastest time possible.

Crisis management is an important part of a principals responsibilities, without a plan and the right tools, a crisis can result in a catastrophe. The great challenge is that you never know when one is going to to hit. In my view, Principals need a high quality crisis communication tool that can assist in an emergency, but also which helps you track what happened, gather information, report on incidents and help you plan better for the future.

A product that can do that is a very worthwhile investment.

Chris Presland PSM FACEL
Principal, St Clair High School

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Whispir in partnership with Telstra have developed a comprehensive crisis management communications solution to meet the needs of Education Institutions.

To see how this works, text in the word 'Education' to the number in your region:

Australia: +61 417 313 240
Singapore: +65 824 11688
Americas: +1 (206) 202-2372

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