Use bulk SMS for business communications at scale

Whispir bulk SMS can help you increase revenue by instantly connecting you with your audience and enabling cost-effective communication at scale. Businesses looking to communicate with their customer base now have a direct line with an average 98% successful open rate. 


What is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is simply the function of sending one message to a large volume of people at the same time via their cell phone numbers. Traditionally bulk SMS is used by businesses for marketing or advertising purposes however with the power of Whispir it can also be used to inform or notify staff or internal teams of incidents, mobilize a community to take action or communicate at scale during an important event.

the benefits of using Whispir's platform for bulk SMS

Messages are automatically sent to your global audience using local region carriers that keep the cost low for you.

In-depth insights and reporting are available instantly letting you see when your message has been opened and actioned.

You can also quickly export data and share with your stakeholders in multiple formats.

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How can you use bulk SMS to grow your business?

Adding mass text messaging to your current communications plan can help you re-engage with customers you thought you lost because they no longer open your emails.  

So how do you make the most of your SMS campaigns? Have a strong call to action for your send that creates urgency. This gives your audience a clear pathway for their response and a time-frame in which to do so.

Make sure the information you include is concise you don’t want to leave your audience wondering what exactly it is they’re responding to in such a prompt manner.


Use Whispir’s robust analytics and reporting to help you identify patterns in your recipient's behavior after a send. 


Using a bulk text message service can help you reduce the costs associated with traditional advertising. For example, using Whispir’s Message Studio you can not only compose your punchy text message in minutes but also create and link a beautiful web page via our drag and drop builder without the need for developers or designers.

Once you’re ready to send you can quickly pick your recipient list, add personalization like `Hi Joe’ and schedule the exact date and time you’d like your send to go out using Whispir Contact Management.

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