Multi-channel Solutions for Contact Management

Salesforce CRM + Whispir:

Increase customer engagement with your Salesforce contacts by integrating the Salesforce CRM with Whispir. By doing so, you can effortlessly send SMS messages, emails, rich text messages, voice messages, and more to your CRM platform contacts. All Salesforce leads and their unique contact details are effortlessly sent over to Whispir – ready for you to send individual or bulk messages across multiple channels. Together, Salesforce and Whispir become a communication platform that’s designed to engage.

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Easy and efficient communication

To help manage contacts, you can automatically send key contact information including name, email, phone number, location and other organizational information from Salesforce to Whispir.

Automated, backend updates

Regular, automatic contact updates happen in the background so your Salesforce CRM contacts are ready and waiting for you in Whispir’s unified communication platform. Making updates to your contacts in Salesforce? Those changes will automatically sync over to Whispir, too.


Increase customer engagement

Managing contacts is just the start. Once you have customers and contacts in your Salesforce CRM, you need to nurture them and ensure they stay engaged. Whispir’s smart communications platform works with Salesforce to pull in all of your contacts, making it easy for you to keep the attention of large audiences through texting, email, and more – to achieve your business goals.

A single source of truth

With Whispir’s smart communication system, contacts that are updated via Salesforce will automatically be synced to Whispir, ensuring the most up to date information is shared – saving you time and making it easier for teams to coordinate CRM management and communication campaigns.


Manage Contacts


Continuously update


Speed up campaigns


Save time

CRM and Whispir Integrations

Salesforce isn’t the only CRM software that Whispir integrates with. You can easily connect Whispir with other CRM tools, such as Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Copper, and more.

  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • ZOHO
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Sugar CRM
  • pipedrive
  • :copper

Get your CRM contacts into Whispir with the click of a button

Leverage the power of a multi-channel communications platform by connecting Salesforce to Whispir. After an easy integration process that Whispir will guide you through, your contacts will be ready for emailing, texting, and more – all without the need for manual updating and management. Best of all, your contacts will be handled from a single source of truth - Salesforce itself.