The Whispir platform

Whispir enables organizations to improve their communications and ensures people everywhere receive timely, useful and actionable content in a manner that reflects their individual needs and preferences. Through our four key pillars we enable organizations to change their outcomes by creating relevant and engaging interactions with people that build value and trust.



Communication designed with you and your clients’ needs in mind

Messages is the user friendly hub for creating beautifully designed templates for email, web, social and more in a few clicks. Use the drag and drop editor to create professional and engaging content that’s on brand and on trend without the need for design or development resources.



Put your ideas into action with a few clicks

Whispir’s power is in Workflows. Workflow scenarios are completely customizable to your business and use case. It may look like magic, but it actually uses our clever drag-and-drop builder to perform tasks like sending targeted offers via email, bulk SMS and voice, creating and sending Surveys & Forms to garner feedback, and connecting users to personalized landing pages.



Handle your contacts like a boss

Contacts are our answer to sending targeted messages to a wide selection of clients with minimal effort. Simply upload your contact lists, add attributes for personalization and segment them into distribution groups. Now you’re ready to get business moving with targeted communiques.



Mine your data to get useful insights

With Reporting, efficiently rollout processes and activities that can be tracked and measured at every step. Remove delays and errors that occur through manual intervention, and streamline with repeatable frameworks that scale. View and monitor all communications from the platform, as they occur in real time.

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