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Put Your Data to Work With Whispir’s Intelligent Workflows


Send meaningful messages and start two-way conversations all from one platform. Whispir allows you to build a set of actions based on certain events or 'triggers' to determine responses across any channel.  

Automate manual business processes by engaging data-driven workflows quickly and reliably.

Use workflows to send an SMS response to an email, a voice message response to a text, or build something completely new! The possibilities are endless.


Customize your workflows with pre-defined templates

Manage all of your business rules, responses and events across any communications channel with our intelligent workflows. Use predefined templates to quickly create and scale your own automated processes from staff onboarding and shift fulfilment to accessing data from remote workers.


Send Surveys & Forms with rich insights

Understand your customers better and make data-driven decisions with Surveys & Forms. From employee surveys to customer satisfaction and NPS feedback, you can create, send and get the insights you need through Whispir. 

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Monitor & escalate  

Set escalation from person-to-person or device-to-device to ensure your message is actioned if the initial user or device is unable to receive it.

Stay on top of unfolding events, conversations and activities as they happen. Whispir’s Activity Feeds allows you to monitor communications  across all of your workspaces and view responses in real time during important events.

Save hours by streamlining complex processes and conversations

Publish multi-channel workflows with a single click

Pre-define communication workflows for future use

Automatically receive escalation reports for missed critical messages

Make data-driven decisions with Whispir Reports