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Industry spotlight: Education (United States)

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4 Oct 2018
2 min read
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When a school or college is affected by an emergency, they need to know how to respond.

In the event of a natural disaster, an infectious disease outbreak, or a lock-down scenario, those tasked with responding and communicating must be confident in the execution of their critical responsibilities. They need to know how to activate emergency Standard Operating Procedures fast, and know that all procedures ensure effective duty of care.

Responding to a crisis effectively

Successful crisis response is defined by the capacity to assess and act quickly and decisively, whilst communicating with impacted groups, the community, and stakeholders. Government departments need visibility and accessibility to communications to resolve emergencies and disasters effectively.

A statewide solution

Whispir can provide a communications solution that allows educational institutions and associated government departments to be able to manage a crisis at a local, regional or statewide level, in addition to its other emergency planning responses. Institutions are able to engage directly with the government, emergency services, and the local community, whilst coordinating their actions with other departments. This is all made possible with standard Whispir products, and because Whispir is a secure, software-as-a-service platform, it is easy to implement without a requirement for onsite infrastructure. Whispir empowers schools and universities to collectively orchestrate an escalating, cooperative response.

How it works

Whispir’s education communications solution shows multiple events across an area on a central dashboard. It has a standard implementation process, and uses an all-hazards approach to managing incidents, providing a consolidated view across regions and individual schools.

Designated leaders can send detailed alert notifications to staff, other nearby institutions, emergency services, and – as appropriate – parents and students. Each institution will have a near-real-time view of all hazards currently active in their region and can use this information to coordinate action and a successful emergency response.

Most importantly, this allows for effective crisis management, right down to a local, detailed level but it can also be used for student announcements, campus events, and more.

Whispir provides educational institutions with an automated, actionable communications solution.

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