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Core capabilities - Automated workflows

Automated message journeys that feel conversational

Craft deliberate message journeys with our automated communication workflows. Keep messages simple or build out thoughtful, multi-step conversations that foster intuitive engagement experiences for your audience. Use workflows to send an SMS response to an email, a voice message response to a text, or build something completely new! The possibilities are endless.

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Be more inclusive with two-way communications

With Whispir’s automated communication workflows, you can engage in two-way communications over SMS, email, voice, and more - without having to navigate each message and/or response in the moment. This leads to purposeful communications that meet recipients on a personal level. Offer a single source of truth by crafting communications that feel human using unique talking points and follow-up prompts.

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Layer 2 of illustration showing two-way communication
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Set up and run templates made by humans for humans

Invest your time where it matters. We provide templates composed of pre-built conversation workflows that build real engagement and foster trust with your audience - even if you're battling limited bandwidth.

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Layer 2 of illustration showing templates
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Flexible triggers to handle a variety of events

With Whispir’s advanced workflows, you can utilize two sets of triggers to handle events as they occur. This includes manual triggers and those that are automated when forms have been submitted. This ensures that important messaging reaches audiences when it matters most - and when prep time is limited.

Monitor engagement to ensure you connect humanly

See how recipients are interacting with your messages by utilizing our workflow reports. By person or by device, you can ensure messages are actioned on or find out if messages were even delivered. With these insights, you can curate new messaging or focus on a new set of recipients to increase your ROI.

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See what happens when you Whispir

By running on Amazon Web Services, our clients go from data to action. Whispir is enhanced to deliver even more intelligent workflows without the need to write any additional code or invest in additional technical labor.
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