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Supported channels - SMS

Send SMS text messages that capture people’s attention

Whispir’s SMS service puts you in direct contact with audiences everywhere and gives you open rates within three seconds of delivery. Thanks to our easy-to-use platform, you can curate two-way SMS conversations that are automated, personal, and timely.

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Craft SMS messages that captivate your audience

Whispir blends rich media landing pages that hold dynamic forms and imagery with relevant text messaging that’s pushed directly to smartphones. When utilised together, you can increase engagement with users that would typically delete an email or send their phone calls straight to voicemail.

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Layer 2 of illustration showing crafting
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A fast-paced world deserves fast-paced SMS communication

90% of recipients open a text message within 3 seconds, compared to just 23% of users that open emails within the first hour. This makes SMS the ideal method for reaching audiences. Whispir’s SMS service allows you to leverage these engagement rates on a massive scale with very little effort on the business side.

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Layer 2 of illustration showing fast responses
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Create endless possibilities with Whispir SMS

Whether you’re looking to market via bulk SMS, interact with citizens using two-way texts, or simply facilitate surveys, Whispir can do it all. How? By providing custom workflows that help you create engaging text messages that can be delivered to audiences based on time, location, or demographic.

Illustration indicating trustworthiness
Illustration indicating trustworthiness
Illustration indicating trustworthiness

Easy geofencing notifications with Whispir SMS

Quickly connect with individuals, an entire team, and/or specific areas of the population on a personalised level with Whispir’s geolocation capabilities. Our Map module allows you to target audiences based on region, event, contact list, asset, and even by vehicle to create truly unique interactions during times of crisis.

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Real world applications

We had already mobilized extensive communications and operational responses, but we needed a tool to streamline the process. The beauty of an SMS is that it captures the attention of the individual far more than an email, but still gives us access to rich content, and controlled and collated data collection for administration and record-keeping.
- Dom Johnston, IT Manager, Golding Contractors
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