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Reach audiences with tailored & intelligent marketing automation

You don’t need a big team to reach your marketing goals. Sometimes all you need is a communication platform that handles it all. Plus, one that brings strategy and AI to the table. The Whispir platform provides omnichannel marketing communications to help you reach more customers - via text, email, voice, and more - each one simple to access, craft, and send to unique audiences.

Create meaningful customer engagement with Whispir

When it comes to email and SMS marketing, personalization is key. By meeting consumers on their phones at the right time and with the right messaging, you can create highly engaging customer journeys that get your recipient’s attention and ensure your product or service remains front of mind.

From email marketing automations that re-engage shoppers to automated text message marketing to landing pages and forms, Whispir provides it all in one platform.

Key features

  • Personalized messaging

    • Engage customers within predefined locations

    • Segment recipient lists with our Contact Manager

    • Utilize templates prepared for specific audiences

  • Multi-level engagement

    • Send follow-up emails for cart abandonments

    • Push timely, sales-focused texts with rich imagery

    • Communication workflows automate and digitize the customer journey

  • Reporting & insights

    • Refine campaigns based on engagement rates

    • Define audiences based on time of day, preferred platforms, etc.

    • Set recurring reports to stay up-to-date with trends

  • AI & machine learning

    • Tone of Voice tool ensures messages are on-target

    • Engagement Score helps define campaign effectiveness

    • Predictive AI makes real-time copy suggestions

Real world applications

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