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Whispir leverages channel partner network in COVID-19 strategy

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20 Mar 2020
2 min read
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  • Newly developed Whispir COVID-19 workflow templates to assist organisations with business-critical communications to stakeholders during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Joint COVID-19 go-to-market strategy with Telstra and StarHub now being implemented across Australasia and Asia.

  • 12 ready-to-use workflow templates are expected to increase use of the platform by existing customers and generate new customers.

  • Existing Whispir customers are using the platform to implement their COVID-19 business continuity plans.

Listed communications workflow platform Whispir has leveraged a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) communications workflow platform that automates interactions between businesses and people, has leveraged its channel partner network to launch an international COVID-19 go-to-market strategy across its key markets of Australasia and Asia.

To assist organisations with their business-critical communications during the coronavirus pandemic, Whispir has developed 12 COVID-19 workflow templates which enable businesses to quickly automate two-way communications to stakeholders in different geographies and across multiple delivery channels to keep their stakeholders informed and continue operating effectively as pandemic conditions evolve.

The ready-to-use templates include travel and self-isolation declarations, remote working notices as well as staff, customer and supplier updates and can be implemented within a day without IT expertise.

In a joint go-to-market strategy, Whispir channel partner StarHub is providing Whispir’s COVID-19 communications templates to its customers in Asia. In Australasia, Telstra is offering Whispir’s ready-to-use templates as one of its top five COVID-19 business resilience solutions for Enterprise.

Whispir CEO Jeromy Wells said, “The evolving coronavirus pandemic is disrupting international supply chains and business operations across more than 175 countries and many industry sectors.

“While our existing customer base is already using the Whispir platform to implement their business continuity plans, our COVID-19 templates further simplify and automate communications to staff, customers and suppliers across different geographies and communications channels.

“We’ve utilised our more than two decades of crisis communications experience to create these templates, which significantly improve organisational response times as business conditions on the ground continue to rapidly change. Our platform provides a business-critical communications solution without the development time or costs traditionally associated with IT projects.

“Our joint go-to-market strategy with leading telcos Telstra and StarHub provides a significant market opportunity for Whispir to increase use of the platform, both by our existing customers, as well as the potential to acquire new customers."

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