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Whispir’s ‘smart QR code’ solution

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30 Sept 2020
2 min read
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As many countries begin to reopen their economies, the requirements and presenting challenges of managing contract tracing are imposing.

Throughout the crisis, many organisations remained on the back foot when it came to staying ahead of the effects of COVID-19’s impact. And now, with customers returning to businesses, the onus of record-keeping and contact tracing is proving to be a draining task on time and resource-poor organisations.

Due to time constraints and ever-evolving compliance conditions, small to medium-sized organisations have turned to paper forms and clipboards to track and trace contact with customers. However, the use of analogue technology means other patrons are able to see the personal data, prompting privacy concerns.

"The [individuals] information should not be visible to other customers, it is important that personal contact details are kept private, only disclosed to state authorities if requested for contact tracing purposes."

- Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner, Angelene Falk

In order to safeguard privacy breaches in sensitive contact information, it is more crucial than ever to have a solid plan surrounding organisation communications and “Return to work” policies.

In response, Whispir has created the solution. A QR tech communications solution that allows organisations to manage customer activity which reducing friction by making the process time-efficient and automated.

‘Smart QR Code” use case in action

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mt. Buller and Mt. Stirling snow resorts needed a digital solution to manage communications and contact tracing of visitors to the mountain as restrictions began to ease.

Using the Whispir platform the organisations were able to:

  • Contact guests ahead of arrival, including at snow chain shops located at the foot of the mountains

  • Prompt groups to lodge their personal and contact information

  • Each individual receives ‘Fast Pass’ granting them access to the resort and mountain including restaurants, snow gear hire and resorts

Using Whispir’s digital communications solution allows the resorts to trace individuals movements, which assist with potential COVID-19 outbreaks, as well as manage personal information effectively while maintaining confidentiality.

“We are using Whispir to create a digital visitor record and eliminate the need for visitors to manually record all their details at the resort entrance gate and at food and beverage venues within the resorts. It means people won’t be asked to handle pens or clipboards that have been used by multiple people, which is a potential health risk.”

- Mark Bennetts, CEO, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management Board

Using the Whispir ‘Smart QR Code’ solution means organisations can manage contact tracing with their customers in a way that reduces friction, ensures reliability and privacy.

The additional security digital management of QR codes offers alleviates consumer concerns over breaches of their sensitive information.

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