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How insurance agencies can maximize SMS engagement rates

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David Gilbert

VP Americas

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11 Mar 2022
3 min read
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More than ever, customers expect to be able to engage with their insurers whenever and however they want. They demand instant answers to their questions and the autonomy to complete actions like renewing their policy or filing a claim themselves online.

SMS marketing provides the perfect solution. By tapping into the power of text messaging, insurance agencies can better engage with their existing customers (maintaining crucial retention) and acquire new customers looking for a dynamic insurer that can meet their needs.

In this article, we’ll delve into the ways you can maximize your SMS engagement rates and deliver an exceptional experience that puts you miles ahead of the competition. 

Deliver personalized experiences and offers

Customers don’t just want personalized experiences from their insurers, they expect them. You can create impactful, meaningful, and memorable exchanges with your customers by tailoring communications and offers based on their lifestyles, habits, and preferences.

You can leverage the data you already have to segment your customers and send personalized SMS messages accordingly. This can be everything from special deals and offers to promoting new products they may be interested in. 

Use segmentation to drive personalization with Whispir’s contact management capabilities

Enable self-service through automated processes

No one gets excited about having to call up a business for help, especially when it’s a topic like finances, utilities, or, you guessed it, insurance. If the processes for getting help, filing a claim, or even renewing a policy are difficult, it won’t take long for customers to look to your competitors for a more digitized, seamless experience.

SMS is a great tool for proactively showing your customers the simple self-service features they can access. From texting reminders that it’s time to renew (with an in-built link to a page where they can do so), to automated two-way texting that enables customers to file a claim in real-time, there are plenty of great ways insurers can empower their customers to complete tasks quickly online using SMS.

Design automated message journeys for your customers using Whispir

Create a conversation through automated two-way texting

Many insurers hold on tight to traditional methods of communication, such as call centers, as they’re worried they’ll lose that personal touch. Automated two-way texting ensures you can still keep connected and engaged with your customers, providing real-time responses without expensive manual intervention.

Automation allows you to automatically send messages based on the responses you receive from your customers. It makes it possible to do everything from confirming the receipt of a payment to providing updates on an ongoing claim.

Engage your audience through the power of Whispir’s two-way texting

Use real data to make informed decisions about when to text

SMS open rates are as high as 98%, and get a 750% higher response rate than emails. That doesn’t mean that all text messages are created equally, though. As with any communication strategy, you need to send your messages at a time when your audience is most likely to be receptive.

With access to the right data, you can analyze the best times for sending messages according to when your SMS messages get the best engagement rates. You can also use contact management to further segment your audience based on certain demographics - such as policy type or age - to finetune your SMS marketing efforts even further.

Leverage real data and insights through Whispir’s smart reporting

Power your communications with Whispir and maximize your SMS engagement rates

Whispir is a multi-channel communications platform that makes it easy for insurance agencies to create engaging, data-driven, and human-centric messaging. We’ve worked with insurance companies around Australia, the US, and the globe for more than two decades.

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