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Case Study

How an emergency response and training organisation saved money while still providing critical SMS

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Ensuring those in need are able to get the help they seek sits at the very core of this organization’s mission. As an emergency medical response and training provider in charge of more than 500 volunteers, this multi-region organisation is responsible for life-saving communications and the growth of those that donate their time in the service of others.

This organisation also provides first aid assistance during community and major events, first aid training and accreditation, first aid equipment, and the delivery of community education – making them an important part of emergency services in their communities. 

The challenges

  • Multiple messaging platforms

    With more than 500 volunteers spread across various regional groups, the organisation was finding it difficult to communicate with necessary stakeholders. 

  • Unsegmented contact lists

    To effectively respond to emergencies as well as coordinate shift changes, the organisation required a separate, centralised resource for managing communications without the need to switch between various platforms.

  • Costly SMS fees

    The costs associated with the organisation’s previous SMS provider were unsustainable and required the organisation to choose between key service areas, including emergency response, first aid training, and community education.

  • Time-sensitive messages

    Without the ability to leverage pre-designed templates, the organisation had to create each message from scratch, which wasn’t efficient during emergency events. 

The solutions

  • CPR practice in action

    Rich-message SMS

    To create the shortest path between end-users and emergency services or educational resources, Whispir SMS allows the organisation to insert hyperlinks, important phone numbers, landing pages, and more. The organisation also utilises QR codes that can be scanned on-site to streamline the onboarding process for a constant flux of new volunteers.

  • Screen example of emergency message.

    Integrated forms

    Moving beyond the realm of SMS, the Whispir platform allows the organisation to leverage forms via regional lists, then integrate those with their dispatch software – Police CAD. With the ability to provide custom forms, the organisation is able to communicate with staff and volunteers about their job shifts and facilitate available shift swaps on an individual basis.

  • EMT packing medical equipment

    Pre-designed safety templates

    Ensuring the safety of those in the regions they serve is paramount to the organisation, and Whispir allows them to do so via SMS safety check-ins. Part of a larger template library, the format utilised for these safety check-ins was derived from Whispir’s own Safety template.

  • Medical first aid kit

    Seamless platform API

    Whispir's Enablement Team worked with the organisation to customise a communication solution that met their specific needs. This included supporting the integration of the Whispir platform API, then tailoring the build of the aforementioned safety check-in template to suit the needs of the organisation.

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The result

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    Lower-cost SMS

    By switching from a competitor to the Whispir platform, the organisation is able to communicate via SMS with its volunteers and still provide educational resources to communities without sacrificing in other key areas.

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    Dynamic messaging

    Whispir enables the organisation to deploy important shift information among its large volunteer network via SMS + forms. This ability to provide custom forms makes for fast, responsive, and reliable engagement between all stakeholders.

  3. Icon of puzzle pieces fitting together

    Seamless integration

    Whispir was able to effortlessly integrate with the organisation’s existing platforms so there was no interruption in emergency services or a delay in critical response times. 

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    Operational efficiency

    The organisation was able to increase the speed of important communications to its network of regional volunteers, ensuring that critical messages were sent and received in real-time.

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