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Small businesses: invest in technology with help from the Australian Federal Budget 22-23

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14 Apr 2022
2 min read

There was a lot to digest in the Australian Federal Budget 2022-23. One major win that small businesses should be paying attention to, though, is the government’s investment in technology

Recognising the need for Australian small businesses to digitise and keep up with the modern consumer, the Federal Government is injecting $1.6 billion in tax relief to support small businesses to go digital. 

Eligible small businesses will be able to claim 120% tax deductions on the costs involved in investing in technology and in training and upskilling staff to use technology. In order words, for every $100 small businesses spend on digitising, they’ll be rewarded with a $120 tax deduction. 

Using the Australian Federal Budget technology grant for your small business

There are many ways you can use the tax deduction being offered by the government to benefit your small business. As well as training your employees so they feel competent in using technology, you can also deduct the cost of adopting said technology – including cloud-based subscriptions.

Investing in cloud-based digital communications can be a great way to bolster your small business. Digital communications allow you to elevate customer experiences and stand out from your competitors, save time and money through automated processes, and easily track the way people engage with your business.

The right digital communication tool will also be easy to use and integrate with any existing systems you have. This makes it the perfect tool for small businesses who want to invest in technology that will have a big impact, without needing to invest a great deal of time or have a lot of technical expertise.

To learn more, you can read our comprehensive guide on building and executing a digital transformation strategy for small businesses

Or, if you’d like to know specific ways that investing in a digital communication platform can help your small business, the team at Whispir can help. We’ve worked with many small businesses around Australia and the world to help them revolutionise the way they engage and communicate with their customers and employees.

“[Using Whispir], we can send our customers a message using SMS or email which hyperlinks through to a rich message that gives customers more information about their tour as well as a prompt to confirm their booking on time. Our communications look more professional and have made organising our tour groups so much easier.”

 – Jenny While, BalloonMan 

With the Australian Federal Government investing heavily in small businesses adopting digital transformation strategies, there’s never been a better time to see how technology can help you. Get in contact with the team at Whispir today to see our powerful platform in action.

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