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How governments can use digital communications technology to boost citizen engagement

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10 Aug 2021
4 min read
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At every level of government, the ability to digitally communicate with residents in a way that’s engaging and impactful is paramount. If governments can’t connect with their communities, they face various risks, including:

  • Misinformation being believed and spread.

  • Lowered or damaged trust between citizens and governments.

  • Certain demographics feeling left out or unheard.

  • Residents growing increasingly critical of their government’s ability to lead.

  • Relying on outdated methods of communication as businesses and individuals continue to progress.

Above all, communities expect to be able to interact and engage with government agencies in the same way they do interpersonally and with businesses. They want government bodies to draw on technology and smart, data-driven solutions to create frictionless, intuitive, and simple exchanges.

To make sure they don’t get left behind, governments must begin utilizing technology to build more engaging digital communication strategies.

Create more effective digital communication methods with the right technology

Although many governments shy away from technology, believing it to be costly on time and money, that’s no longer the case. In fact, oftentimes relying on traditional methods ends up costing government agencies more.

Here, we unpack some ways that technology can be deployed to make a significant difference in the way governments communicate. We also explain how Whispir can help.

1. Make data-driven decisions

One of the key benefits of using technology is the ability to draw on real data and insights to make more informed decisions. Not only does data give you more information about the audiences you’re speaking to, but allows you to personalise your messages accordingly. 

The Whispir solution: Through the Whispir platform, you have access to insightful reports and data. You can use this data to segment your audiences and adapt your communication to each group. 

→ Leverage data with Whispir

2. Drive transparency with proactive messaging

Technology, particularly social media, makes it easy for information to spread, and quickly. When potentially damaging misinformation is swirling, it’s important for governments to be the authority on the subject.

Governments can do this by being proactive and getting on the front foot by sharing clear, factual information. Technology makes this much easier to do, as you can quickly disseminate messages through various channels, connecting to residents through their preferred medium.

The Whispir solution: Whispir allows for multi-channel communication, meaning you can create content across a range of platforms. This includes SMS, email, WhatsApp, social media, video, web forms and web pages, and more. Our simple integration across each channel simplifies proactive messaging.

→ Build engaging messages with Whispir

3. Engage residents through two-way communication

Citizens want to feel heard by their government. Automated two-way communication makes this a reality without draining resources.

Automated communication works by setting up automatic responses that reply to resident enquiries or feedback, depending on what they say. For example, you may want to send out a message alert asking residents if they’ve registered to vote in an upcoming election. You can design different automated responses that are triggered by receiving a “Yes” or “No” response.

The Whispir solution: Using our simple no-code platform, you can easily create automated journeys for users to take as they interact with you. 

 → See how Oak Hill leverages Whispir to boost community engagement

4. Be ready for whatever happens

Unexpected events and crises will happen. Technology makes it easier for governments to quickly send out critical information, helping their communities stay safe and restoring peace of mind.

The Whispir solution: Through Whispir, you can set up pre-designed templates that are ready to quickly edit and send when necessary. It’s the most effective way to have a plan in place for the unplannable. 

Discover how Whispir can help you

Whispir is designed for everyone to use without the need for technical or coding skills. We’ve worked with government agencies around the world to centralize and streamline their digital communication strategies, enabling them to effectively and efficiently communicate with their communities – and vice versa. 

To gain even more insights into effective communication through the use of technology, download our free guide on digital transformation strategies for governments.

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