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Reduce Carbon Emissions With Whispir

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9 Mar 2023
2 min read

As corporations move to craft their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, they must harness capabilities that will allow smooth and immediate business process transitions to greener practices. Technology is among those capabilities, as it will play a vital role in creating a greener, smarter, and more equitable future for all.

Communication platforms enable internal and external communications to be sent across SMS, WhatsApp, email, social, voice, video, and more – greatly reducing businesses’ carbon footprints. Businesses can boost engagement while eliminating costs and effort associated with direct mail, document storage, data security, and much more.

Benefits of a fully digital solution

  • Reduction of carbon emission

  • Paperless billing capabilities

  • Eliminate paper waste and printing costs, postage, and manual effort

  • Enable quicker communication internally and externally

  • Store and access documentation all in one place

  • Provide a more efficient and instant customer experience

What is the carbon footprint? A 10-gram letter made from recycled paper = 140g CO2e. A standard email in normal length with no attachment = 4g CO2e. And a text message = 0.014g CO2e

How organisations are using all-in-one communication platforms to go digital

A regional council were able to send more effective and targeted messaging, and reduce environmental wastage and spending thanks to their transition from paper to digital communications.

A global insurance company reduced paper notifications by 60% and boosted cost savings after going paperless.

A pharmacy used the platform to deliver the largest e-prescription rollout in its country, successfully cutting paper prescriptions by 30% and radically improving customer satisfaction.

One major materials company improved their safety and compliance processes by 25% after pivoting its internal and external communications to be more digital.

Energy & Utilities
A major utility company switched from paper statements and instead used Whispir to send over 150,000 SMS and 300,000 emails a month, reducing their communication-spend by almost 90%.

A health and life insurance company was able to reduce their paper notifications by 60% by sending e-statements thorough our platform.

Professional Services
An accounting firm used Whispir to transition to digital processing and automated workflows, doing away with outdated paper processes.

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