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Retailers: Get white-glove SMS deliverability

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9 Dec 2022
3 min read

No matter the time of year, retail businesses are always looking for a better, more efficient way to get their message – and ultimately their goods – into the hands of consumers. And, with limited staff and budgets, the key is accomplishing it with as little effort as possible. Yet, in the era of Amazon and countless ads bombarding users on their social feeds, brick-and-mortar store locations are becoming more of a novelty than a regular destination.

So, in 2023, instead of relying on outdated methods of advertising such as television ads, print, billboards, and even email marketing, retailers need to leverage digital communications to cut through all the noise at exactly the right time. But where to go? 

How about the one place consumers already spend most of their time – on their phones? With Statistica reporting that nearly half its survey respondents spend 5-6 hours per day on their phones (not including work), a text message notification is sure to make the type of noise that retailers need to stand out from the pack. 

The power of SMS

With 98% open rates and an average response time of just 90 seconds, SMS is the natural evolution of consumer advertising. Text messaging allows retailers to personalize messaging and meet specific audience interests in the most convenient way – right on their mobile devices.

Text messaging also helps when it comes to boosting repeat purchases, composing and sending out mass texting campaigns, delivering time-sensitive offers, and customizing future customer engagements.

Plus, with an integration like Pay by Text, retail and eCommerce transactions have never been easier. This mobile payment solution creates a complete payment journey without the need for a third-party app or costly point-of-sale (POS) transaction fees.

When a communications platform is designed for SMS, like Whispir, store owners and marketing managers can rest assured that:


🟩 SMS messages are received

All SMS messages, as well as any ongoing campaigns, will adhere to current regulatory and compliance best practices to avoid flags and potential service suspensions. This includes SMS sender ID registration, content restrictions, age restrictions, and more.


🟩 Duplicate messages are eliminated

By implementing intelligent automation, Whispir ensures that recipients never receive duplicate messages or find themselves receiving multiple text message marketing campaigns from the same company – helping you avoid costly spam penalties.


🟩 Opt-outs are plentiful and automated

Ensuring that contacts can easily opt-out at any time is crucial to earning and retaining customer trust. Plus, it’s a key regulatory requirement if you’re looking to leverage SMS marketing. To increase opt-ins and get the latest best practices, get a free 3-step guide here


🟩 SMS rates are predefined

Automated throttling controls ensure that text messages are sent at predefined rates – something that is heavily regulated by telecom providers and regulatory agencies.

Want to make sure that any unique messaging needs are being met? Whispir Customer Support is ready to answer any questions and make sure marketing is on the right track.

Get 94% deliverability rates with Whispir

In addition to 94% deliverability rates, Whispir SMS delivers best-in-class security, simple message creation tools, and smart reporting to keep messaging on-brand and on-target.

Even more perks with Whispir’s retail SMS marketing:

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For retail stores focused on customer service, with the ability to brand content, two-way chat with shoppers, and showcase exclusive offers instantaneously, SMS offers the best bang for the buck. Best of all, Whispir keeps everything automated. This way, retail teams can “set and forget” their outbound messages, allowing them to find their intended recipients without worry, while they get back to more important business.

Looking to add SMS to 2023’s marketing strategy? Check out our 2023 SMS Marketing Report & Buyer’s Guide to learn how to boost revenue, engagement, and loyalty with modern strategies and smarter text messaging tools.

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