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Whispir adds new IoT functionality with Amazon EventBridge

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12 July 2019
2 min read
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Communications workflow platform Whispir has partnered with AWS to increase its IoT functionality, now allowing all users the ability to create advanced event-triggered integrations without needing to write code.

Powered by Amazon EventBridge, Whispir and AWS users can now easily implement communication workflows which trigger a series of responses based on real-time changes in geolocation data – a feature that previously required extensive developer input and management.

This increased functionality is ideal for crisis and operational business communications, but also improves marketing interactions by enabling organisations to react to consumer email responses, website clicks and form submissions in real-time.

Whispir is one of AWS’ global SaaS partners that has integrated Amazon EventBridge ahead of its official launch in New York on 11 July 2019.

This access has enabled Alert Logic, a cyber security company which is a Whispir customer, to integrate EventBridge capability to improve its customer engagement. The company uses Whispir’s platform to send auto notifications when system log searches have been run. Using EventBridge, Alert Logic has created smart new Call To Action (CTA) buttons which enable its customers to action a notification with a simple click, instead of requiring them to log into another system to trigger the next step of the workflow.

Alert Logic Product Architect Barry Skidmore said the new functionality has enabled greater flexibility to address critical issues from anywhere.

Whispir’s eventbridge integration has allowed us to utilise contextually programmed action buttons to respond to urgent notifications with a single tap on a phone, removing the need to access a laptop to react to issues.

Whispir Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Swift said: “In addition to enhancing our product offering, our partnership with AWS has improved the ease with which our automated workflow technology can be adopted by non-technologists within organisations.

“Our integration with EventBridge enables Whispir customers to automate communication responses to triggers – if this happens, then send this – without needing to write connection code. Access to the full portfolio of Whispir’s event types is available for users to browse and subscribe using an interactive interface.

Whispir CEO Jeromy Wells added, “Whispir’s easily integrated workflow automation tools allow organisations to streamline business processes and improve cost efficiencies. This capability is in line with broader market trends with the global workflow automation market expected to reach US$18.4 billion by 2023,” he said.

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