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Communication tools built for the construction industry

For construction companies, being able to send effective, timely, and engaging communication is essential. Keep your workforce safe and informed, and save time on your operational communications through the power of Whispir’s intelligent communication platform.

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Two-way message capability asking if someone is safe with the option to provide a response

Cut through the noise with SMS

With incredibly high engagement rates, SMS is a powerful tool for construction companies needing to quickly and effectively disseminate essential information. Create and send text messages within minutes, monitor open and response rates in real-time, and drive engagement like never before.

Tap into the incredible engagement rates of SMS...

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    Open rates with an average response time of 90 seconds

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    Of texts sent are read within 3 minutes

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    Of the global population own a mobile phone

Set and forget with intelligent automation

A major challenge in the construction industry is keeping track of and communicating operational updates. This includes shift availability, capacity planning, critical incident alerts, and COVID-19 safety and compliance.

Automation allows you to create thoughtful message journeys that are triggered by certain events. That means your messages will reach the right audience at the right time, and save you significant time on having to manually send out communications.

Make sure your workforce receives your messages – loud and clear

Your workers are busy on the job, so getting your message out in an effective and impactful way can be difficult. Tap into Whispir’s powerful communication solutions to engage your workforce when it matters most.

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Quickly send out timely communications

Make sure your messages reach your audience at the best possible time, by setting up automated triggers based on various events and fields. Quickly inform workers about on-site incidents, operational changes due to bad weather, and more.

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Instantly engage through automated two-way conversations

With two-way communication, you can drive immediate action and automate responses to be sent in real-time. Receive and respond to worker check-ins, collect feedback from staff surveys, quickly ensure people are safe in an emergency, and more.

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Get the right message to the right people

Set up distribution lists based on certain contact criteria to ensure the right people get the right messages. This can include segmenting contacts by location to send out messages to a certain worksite, or grouping people by their job title, i.e. ‘Supervisors.’

Communications for every moment

  • Better ROI

    Leverage key insights – engagement levels, action and response rates, and more – to monitor results and craft messages you know will connect.

  • Import lists

    Our Contacts API lets you import contacts from existing systems and automatically segment them into distribution lists.

  • Save time with automation

    Automate communications by preparing message journeys or building multi-step conversations triggered by actions your workers take.

  • Empower your workforce

    Streamline processes and make it easy for your workforce to provide necessary information – such as filling out OH&S and compliance protocols.

  • Send messages within minutes

    Take advantage of pre-designed templates, an easy message builder, and speedy deliverability to send messages to your contacts within minutes.

  • Create custom rich messages

    Rich messages are purpose-built microsites that you can link to via the messages you send. Use them to send forms, videos, instructional guides, and more.

Tune out the noise and turn up engagement on your next campaign. Try Whispir.

We had already mobilized extensive communications and operational responses, but we needed a tool to streamline the process. The beauty of an SMS is that it captures the attention of the individual far more than an email, but still gives us access to rich content, and controlled and collated data collection for administration and record-keeping.
- Dom Johnston, IT Manager, Golding Contractors
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