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Corovan streamlines shift management process through Whispir

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20 Oct 2021
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From their headquarters in California, Corovan provides commercial moving, storage, furniture, and tech relocation nationally and internationally. They complete over 50,000 moves a year, manage over 1 million square feet of storage space and operate out of four different locations - in other words, they have a lot of moving parts to organize and manage for potential customers.

Because of this, trying to coordinate complex and timely operations was a challenge. In particular, Corovan needed a simple, single-channel to organize their crew members - both to notify them about their upcoming roster and to inform them about available shifts they could take on.

Corovan needed a solution that:

  • Facilitated two-way communication, to allow them to collect responses from their target audience - for example, if a worker was able to pick up a shift.

  • Could handle communicating across four different locations, without resorting to different platforms.

  • Allowed for contact segmentation, to enable grouping by information such as a worker’s location and their contract type.

The Whispir solution

Using Whispir, Corovan has been able to take an omnichannel approach to:

  • Engage with their employees across multiple channels - including SMS and email - from the one platform

  • Capture responses from their crew workers, including shift confirmations

  • Segment their employees based on their locations, and tailor messages accordingly

  • Use rich messaging to link employees directly to web forms, to streamline the process of filling available shifts

  • Use the one set of login credentials for Whispir and other platforms, thanks to our simple SSO (single sign-on) integration capabilities

Screenshot showing text messages to someone telling them there are new shifts available

“What sets Whispir apart from their competitors is their customer service. Whispir executives are in regular contact with our staff and team and are quick to provide support and solutions sets. We enjoy their proactive QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) and their willingness to fly in and work with us face to face. It has been a fantastic relationship that continues to grow.” — Joel B. Nielsen, Corovan

Going beyond employee communications

Whispir is designed to give businesses like Corovan a competitive advantage by leveraging a multichannel strategy that reaches employees and end-users alike. With channels like SMS, email, voice, video, social, and more, Whispir offers different ways to capture unique audiences without sacrificing the customer experience.

To learn more about how Whispir can help you create a seamless experience for your business operations and save you time, costs, and headaches, get in touch with us or learn more by downloading our full Corovan case study.

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