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The Great Marketing Debate: SMS vs Email

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12 Oct 2023
2 min read

A tale of two communication channels

Businesses and marketers have always debated which communication channel was better: SMS or email. So, how do the two channels stack up? Let’s find out.

Know your audience

Treat recipients like humans, not numbers

Personalize your messages as much as possible to stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter competitors. Any comms platform worth its weight will allow you to leverage unique names at the start of any email or text message thread.

Use interactions to form connections

Mention a previous purchase, thank them for visiting your website, or remind them about having met at an event.

Provide multiple ways to stay in contact

• Allow contacts to respond to messages.
• Provide links to landing pages that answer common questions
• Refer visitors to a chatbot
• Provide a form to fill out
• Supply additional resources with more conversion opportunities

Turns out, SMS and email are both great at what they do. That means it’s all relative – to your goals, your audience, and your current tech stack. However, SMS and email are just the start.

Omnichannel: A solution for all

According to Turbify, 80% of digital consumers use an average of six channels before making a purchase decision. It’s also reported that consumers who engage with a brand through multiple channels spend more – by as much as 4 times.

With Whispir, you can engage audiences via SMS, email, social, video, voice, and more.

Read all about Whispir’s SMS marketing solutions.

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