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Whispir helps manufacturers innovate digital communications

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21 Jun 2021
3 min read
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Fiberglass Products, Inc, established in 2002, is a family-owned business based within the heart of the midwest in Aurora, Nebraska.

They manufacture and provide their customers with construction supplies that range across custom design manufacturing, platforms and enclosures and recreational structures for municipal, commercial and residential purposes.

Fiberglass Products Inc is committed to meet and exceed the satisfaction of their customer experience by delivering high-quality products on time. Additionally, they are constantly applying innovative improvements to improve their service and meet customer needs.

Fiberglass Products Inc (FPI) centers around their expansive production facility of 68,000 square feet managed and operated by a large and diverse team.

Since 2002, the FPI team has evolved the way they communicate both internally and externally as new technology has become available and the needs for customer and staff communication have grown. 

However, as the pace of digital innovation continued has increased, particularly over the past year, the need for FPI to dramatically improve their channels of communication became a key organizational challenge.

FPI lacked a proficient tool to create an SMS channel of communication for the organization to efficiently connect with their staff and build engaging and customizable communication experience to achieve real connection and improve the safety and compliance of their workforce.

FPI needed to address four key challenges:

  1. A communications platform to greatly increase the ability to communicate internally.

  2. Deploy and streamline a real-time incident reporting system.

  3. Standardize compliance training with consistent communications.

  4. Establish a system that would support communications in both English and Spanish to facilitate the cultural and lingual diversity within the organization.

Without the tools to address these challenges, FPI risked lower levels of employee engagement, less operational safety, 

By overcoming these hurdles FPI is developing an engaged and well-trained workforce to support its business growth goals. Moreover, with great employee communications, FPI is turnover building a stronger company culture.

“As our business continually scales upward, we need a way to talk to all of our people with immediacy and clarity to grow steadily.

We needed a secure and easy-to-learn system that will grow with us and make our message clear; we care about our team as we care about our customers.”

- Susy Tournor, Vice President, Fiberglass Products Inc.

To address FPI’s key challenges, a single online communications platform was needed to not only solve the known issues but provide a dynamic system that can be customized to address every other possible communications challenge that arises.

The initial deployment of the Whispir platform will provide a solution to FPI’s four communication challenges in three ways.

1: Produce a communications solution to aid in achieving a 25% improvement in continuous compliance and safety.

2: Leverage Whispir’s high accessibility via personal devices to allow faster onboarding and safety training for new employees.

3: Lower workforce turnover and reduced hiring costs; via greater employee engagement with the infield workforce, who are remote and don't come into an office.

Graphic of three phone screens depicting "Fiberglass Products Inc." app

The deployment of Whispir means FPI’s communications process takes a leap from manual and difficult to track processes and streamlines all within one elegant platform.

Interactive two-way connection not only carries FPI into the forefront of digital communications but amplifies the standards of connection within the business.

Find out more about the Whispir platform here, or learn more by downloading the full FPI case study.

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