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Whispir x Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory

Access multiple platforms - including Whispir - using one set of login credentials, thanks to Microsoft Active Directory’s secure single sign-on (SSO) solution.

With the OneLogin integration, you can:

  • Log in to multiple applications using one set of credentials

  • Move securely and uninterrupted between applications

  • Reduce support costs caused by forgotten passwords

Key features

  • Reduce overhead costs

    Complicated systems often require company administrators to manage them, which can be costly. This isn’t the case for a streamlined solution where only one set of login credentials is in place.

  • Increased security protocols

    With only one single strong password in place that can be utilized across multiple platforms, staff are less likely to forget passwords, which can be a major security risk for businesses.

  • Improved productivity

    Moving seamlessly between platforms, including Whispir, allows employees to work more productively. They no longer need to waste time signing into each application they use, and instead can rely on the secure simplicity of Active Directory’s SSO.

Integrate with Whispir.

Eliminate the security risks involved with having multiple passwords, navigate between Whispir and other compliant platforms, and enjoy the dependability of Microsoft Active Directory. Find out how you can integrate Active Directory with Whispir today.