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Whispir x Kenexa Brassring

Kenexa Brassring

By integrating IBM’s Kenexa Brassring with Whispir’s multi-channel communication platform, you can start delivering deliberate and engaging messaging to prospective employees. Instead of the traditional “applicant to employer” process, you can begin outreach on a human-to-human level that improves both recruitment and retainment.

With the Kenexa Brassring integration, you can:

  • Utilize multi-channel outreach to engage prospects on various platforms and at the most opportune times.

  • Streamline hiring and onboarding processes with automated triggers and professional workflows.

  • Increase retainment by offering a full employment journey full of insights, digital experiences, curated messaging, and more.

Whispir is one of only three vendors with certified SMS integration to Brassring.

Key features

  • Engage prospects with a collective experience

    By connecting Kenexa Brassring with Whispir, you can offer applicants a single source of truth that includes multiple touch points, including rich text messaging, social media, email, voice, web, push, and more.

  • Create a process built on respect

    Whispir helps Kenexa Brassring users meet every applicant with their best foot forward. Save on admin time by nurturing candidates with trigger-based automations that help you shortlist, assess, create talent pools, or limit negative experiences with opt-outs and personalized engagement.

  • Create enticing job offers

    Stand out among a sea of potential offers by creating rich, interactive messaging that includes promotional videos, professional templates, file sharing, and more - no coding required. By seamlessly working with the Kenexa Brassring API, Whispir helps you create job opportunities that are hard to pass up.

  • Create bonds beyond the job boards

    The job’s not done once the employee is onboarded. To help you foster loyalty and trust, Whispir brings a new level of transparency to the retainment stage. You can complement the Kenexa Brassring hiring process with targeted messaging, branded experiences, and even capture employee insights to ensure issues and/or inconsistencies are addressed quickly.

Integrate with Whispir.

If you’re looking to shape the future of employment, then Whispir plus Kenexa Brassring is the perfect launching - and landing - point for your company. Together, the two platforms integrate smoothly to offer candidates a clear path to employment and longevity, while offering HR teams more options for engagement.