Whispir Partnerships

We engage humanity by collaborating with key international partners across diverse markets. Offering organisations the capability to master connection and engagement through reimagined communications.

Our partnership network promotes and powers Whispir technology to change the world.

A world where organisations communicate like people.

Our Partners

Whispir’s communications platform leverages AWS infrastructure.

Whispir has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide powerful and innovative solutions; while providing the security and scalability required for modern businesses to effectively engage their growing global audiences.

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Telstra has tied in the Whispir Communications Platform to its Telstra Global business offering, allowing its customers to tap into the cloud-based enterprise communications tool.

Whispir’s cloud-based applications are integrated into Telstra's global network and available on demand, enabling customers to respond quickly to changing business priorities and better anticipate challenges ahead.

Vonage‘s partnership with Whispir is aimed to better serve the needs of enterprises wanting complete business and consumer communications solutions that go beyond the traditional one-on-one channel offer.

Vonage enables more efficient experiences and innovation possibilities for clients and partners alike with access to a diverse suite of use-cases and accelerated speed to market through Whispir’s low-code, no-code technology.

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