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Disaster and emergency response competency

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16 Dec 2020
2 min read
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Whispir proudly joins the list of organisations in possessing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Public Safety and Disaster Response (PSDR) competency.

AWS (PSDR) partners provide first responders and emergency response organisations with cloud technology solutions to help prepare for, respond to, and recover from various types of natural or man-made disasters and public safety emergencies globally.

Within Australia alone, the recent year has illustrated the prevalence of natural and man-made disasters and the magnitude of disruption that causes organisations universally.

From bush fires, floods and even the recent pandemic, cloud-communications have risen to the challenge of enabling organisations to manage the crisis in real-time and at scale.

See how the Whispir platform aids organisations in disaster response in our case studies on The Department of Fire and Emergency Services and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Establishing a crisis communications strategy using Whispir’s cloud-communications framework and templated communications to execute tactical engagement is how our customers effectively manage any crisis.

 With the attainment of AWS’ PSDR competency, Whispir is established as a global option to aid in crisis communications and management from across the AWS marketplace. 

The Whispir platform excels at delivering streamlined communication processes for organisations. By running on Amazon Web Services, our clients go from data to action. Whispir is enhanced to deliver even more intelligent workflows without the need to write any additional code or invest in additional technical labour.

Whispir’s products, which are built in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide powerful and innovative solutions; while providing the security and scalability required for modern businesses to effectively engage their growing global audiences.

Digitise end to end communication workflows that contain your rich content like videos, images and interactive forms with Whispir. Our visual communications platform leverages the AWS infrastructure, including EC2, S3, and Cloudfront.

Register to AWS re:Invent and watch the on-demand AWS Partner Keynote address to learn more about Whispir x AWS.

For more on Whispir’s capability with emergency services, head over to our dedicated emergency services industry page.

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