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Whispir’s web to SMS functionality

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As the global business landscape continues to digitise and innovate, organisations are increasingly in the need for easy-to-use yet sophisticated communications solutions.

Leveraging universally familiar technologies is the sure way to get your message across, at scale, to your people. SMS messaging is a universal tool that can be incredibly useful in business. However, on its own, it presents a limited customer journey.

By integrating SMS and Web-powered forms and microsites, you will make your messaging funnel and tactics impactful. And therefore, meaningful. Aiding your ability to create personalised and engaging customer journeys.

This is where Whispir comes in.

Using our cloud-communications workflows studio, you can create workflows on your desktop that harness the ability to send key messages to customers via SMS, which can include further links such as URLs to purpose-built landing pages. Providing your audience with a dynamic, interactive layer to your communications.

Elevate your messages and do what SMS and Email cannot with our rich web pages.

“SMS remains an effective, yet underutilized, mobile tactic among marketing leaders and is particularly valuable when used in conjunction with mobile techniques such as wallet, web and native applications to orchestrate a deepening level of customer engagement.”

- Charles Golvin, Research Director, Gartner for Marketers

Webform to SMS:

Using Whispir’s workflow studio, you can tap into the power of cloud-communications with easy to build workflows using the intuitive drag-and-drop studio interface.

As one of Whispir’s prebuilt templates on offer, you can create a customised web form for your contact list to complete. A webform which your audience can easily complete to then be sent along the journey you create using the workflows studio.

You can create pathways where your users complete additional web forms, respond to SMS prompts and even create custom web pages where your audience can land and engage with your organisation.

With Whispir’s workflow studio, businesses and organisations of any size can create dynamic and intelligent journeys by taking advantage of established technologies such as SMS and microsites.

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“Using Whispir's workflows studio, organisations can create sophisticated workflows which are capable of sending multiple customised messages to various audiences instantly. It's easy to use, customisable and drastically reduces overheads by providing staff with a cloud-based platform eliminating the need for mobile devices and multiple platform subscriptions.”

- Jesse Chelin, Whispir Product Manager, Whispir

To find out more on Whispir's workflow studio, click here to sign up for a free trial.

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