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Whispir x DocuSign ClickWrap

Whispir x DocuSign ClickWrap

Streamline Business Compliance with Single Click Consent

Automated customer journey for standard agreement terms

  • Faster Completion Rates with a Frictionless Experience

    A simple end-to-end customer experience that drives results. Send your customers standard agreement terms, allowing them to review and accept in a single click.

  • Save Time and Admin Overhead through Automation

    Create automated workflows communicating updated terms and conditions, product or plan upgrade terms, simple agreement terms, and so much more. Eliminate the need for manual communication, review and approval.

  • Quick and Easy Set Up

    An out of the box solution that connects single click consent with a multi-channel audience communication platform. Drive results and see value quickly.

  • Enhance Compliance

    Single click agreements provide a more robust and legally binding method of obtaining consent compared to traditional methods like checkboxes and electronic signatures.

  • Improved Security and Auditability

    Single click agreements provide a secure and auditable trail of acceptance, tracking the date, time, and IP address of each agreement. This helps establish evidence of consent, which can be vital in legal disputes.

  • Flexibility and Customisation

    A fully customisable experience. Tailor your experience to fit your brand from branded communication templates to terms and agreements.

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