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How to use SMS for business communications

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Andrew Fry

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12 Nov 2018
2 min read
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SMS messaging, short for "short messaging service," is a universal tool that can be used and delivered to any mobile phone number. This can be incredibly useful in business communication, as it can be sent to rural and metro areas, as well as areas with poor internet connections.

So why are SMS text messages great for marketing and engagement? By nature, an SMS message is short and offers concise, clear communications with consumers and colleagues. By using responsive bulk SMS messaging platforms, you can use predefined contact information to target different types of demographics, then steer clear of the typical inundation of replies and messages that are synonymous with IM group chats.

An SMS platform also saves the recipients from receiving replies and responses from all other senders. Think of it this way, while email tends to be synonymous with spam, text messaging is not. SMS notifications will typically always prompt a user to take action.

How can this benefit my business?

Utilizing SMS marketing for business communications can be used in many different ways including notifications, reminders, surveys, deadlines, and more.

Moreover, you can improve customer service and decrease call center volume and costs. SMS for business communications is cost-effective and measurable. You can track and record consumer communications and interactions via an SMS short code - which is typically a five to eight-digit number used to address messages in businesses. 

So, what are some of the scenarios that you can use short text messages for? There are so many possibilities, it’s almost impossible to list them all. However, here are some key areas you can deploy SMS messaging:

  • Customer interaction

  • Internal messaging

  • Crisis communications

  • Build brand awareness

  • Build purchase intent

  • Promote timely offers

  • Nurture customer loyalty

  • And more

By integrating SMS and web-powered forms and microsites, you will make your messaging funnel and tactics impactful. And therefore, meaningful. By collecting and leveraging approved personal information, you increase your ability to create personalized and engaging customer journeys.

This is where Whispir comes in. Using our cloud-communications workflows studio, you can create automated workflows that harness the ability to send key messages to customers via SMS on iOS and Android devices. This can include further links such as URLs to purpose-built landing pages, providing your audience with a dynamic, interactive layer to your communications.

The power of SMS

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With SMS messages read within 5-6 seconds, and open rates of 98%, it's always a good time to leverage a short message service. Find out how Whispir makes SMS messaging a breeze.

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