Empowering Education with Innovative Communication Technology

When it comes to effective communication in higher education, grade school, or within a trade, engaging students takes a village. With Whispir, you have access to a village of innovation. Explore our platform

Modernize your educational resources with Whispir

To best facilitate student communication, you can integrate Whispir’s cloud-based communication technology into your primary educational resources so educators and administrators can streamline operations and support academic outcomes.

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Campus communications in a pinch.

When you need to get a message out fast, Whispir allows you to contact your entire student base – and staff – all from one platform.

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Effective parent-teacher communication.

Engage parents with personalized two-way communications where they’re most comfortable, whether that’s via email, text message, etc.

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Improve staff communications.

With customizable workflows, you can ensure that educators receive the information they need including schedules, rosters, and deadlines.

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Address the class with our automated communication system

Now more than ever, educators have a greater duty of care when it comes to their school-day responsibilities. With so much on their plate, a new world of crisis response training, and student success in their hands, Whispir believes they deserve a communications platform that allows them to get more done in less time.

Student notifications

  • Class-wide reminders
  • Scorecard & report docs
  • Absentee & closure notices

Safety alerts

  • Campus-wide communications
  • Emergency workflows & mass messaging
  • Pre-defined templates

Parental transparency

  • Parent surveys & events
  • Two-way conversations
  • Automated score cards & reports

Staff engagement

  • Principal/dean announcements
  • Scheduling & rostering
  • Onboarding & training

Two-way communication between students and staff

Whispir provides educational institutions with an automated, actionable communications solution designed to connect students and parents with educators and administrators. This all-in-one communication platform ensures that all parties have the right – and best – information available to make informed decisions.


Advanced internal staff communication tools

The Whispir messaging and workflow dashboard allows you to send out campus-wide correspondence to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to important events. By relieving the burden on educators, our omnichannel platform also allows you to optimize internal processes such as staff communications, security, and incident management.


Quick and simple mass texting for educational institutions

Within the Whispir dashboard, message templates can be created that allow you to send out emergency notices at a moment’s notice. These templates also allow you to edit specifics that can be rapidly used or altered during incidents, thereby saving time by providing pre-defined communication and response options when message crafting is not an option.

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Whispir brings a new level of conversation and critical response to the world of education.

Whispir allows staff and students to quickly communicate with security.


Asset Management Systems Officer Charles Sturt University

Ready to craft educational communications?

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