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Hundreds of businesses, large and small
Businesses around the world have created new conversation flows to improve the way they communicate.

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The Power to Automate

Increasing data inputs and new communication channels are creating a multitude of events and opportunities. Whispir’s cloud platform makes aggregating data and interacting easy by consolidating databases and contact lists and automating communication flows.

Inspire Interaction

Notifications, whilst helpful, don’t create engagement with customers. Create Rich Message conversation flows, that inspire interactivity, via Whispir’s simple drag and drop tools.

Rapid Response, any Channel

Modern communications have changed people’s expectations, they demand rapid response, no matter the channel. Whispir provides an elastic, enterprise-grade, global messaging platform that provides total confidence that conversations will be delivered on time, anywhere in the world.

Turn notifications into conversations with two-way SMS messages.
Send emails in plain text or send richly formatted messages.
Turn text-into-speech and automate voice calls to inform multiple people at once.
Transform your customer conversations with rich, personalised and interactive content.

Automate, Measure, Optimize

Creating conversations at scale requires the ability to interpret interactions and create actionable, automated responses across multiple channels. Whispir’s single point interface means that businesses and people have access to data and reports in real time, allowing you to continuously optimize your communications.

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Time spent configuring communication channels, sorting contacts and writing communications can mean lost opportunities, or delays in issue resolution. View the template library Whispir’s platform is so intuitive, with preset templates and messaging channels, that you can be up and running in under 2 hours!

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