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Whispir partners with Grad Girls to promote gender diversity in STEM

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11 Mar 2021
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Whispir is proud to be sponsoring Grad Girls in 2021. This 1-year pathway program is run by Vic ICT for Women annually and focuses on supporting women in STEM. The program works with individuals across Victoria as they finish their tertiary studies and transition into rewarding, successful careers in the world of technology and digital.

As a company that’s committed to building an inclusive work environment for all, Whispir is a big believer in the great work Grad Girls does. We’re excited to be a part of it.

Women in the Australian STEM workforce: The current outlook

In 2016, a report from Australia’s Chief Scientist found that women only represented 17% of the Australian STEM workforce. It also noted that of the STEM graduates, only 12% of women were earning in the top income bracket, compared to 32% of men.

Many factors contribute to this, with a 2019-20 Youth in STEM study from the Australian Government suggesting that female students feel less interested in pursuing careers in STEM. It also indicated that many female students feel less confident that they’ll achieve good results when studying STEM subjects.

By working individually with female tertiary students, Girl Grads is actively working to change this gender diversity gap.

Why are programs like Grad Girls so important?

Having a diverse range of perspectives within an organisation is integral to driving innovation – a fact that 85% of large global enterprises agree with, according to a study from Forbes. A workforce full of individuals who have different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints will be much more effective in coming up with creative solutions and ideas.  

That’s backed up by the numbers, too, with gender diverse companies outperforming their counterparts on the ASX by 15%.

How Whispir is working to reduce the gender gap in technology

Whispir places a very high value on diversity and inclusion. As a company, we recognise that when it comes to driving opportunities for women entering the technology space, the change begins with us.

Kerry Boys, Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Whispir, believes that a focus on diversity and inclusion has the potential to transform organisations for the better. 

“Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and growth,” she says. “That doesn’t happen by accident though - it takes effort and focus.

Whispir has made this an absolute priority. Already this year we have worked with our entire business to jointly create a Diversity & Inclusion strategy. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and evolve our conversations around how we can create a work environment that encompasses and values all individuals. 

We know that it takes work, but it’s work well worth doing.”

By sponsoring Girl Grads in 2021, Whispir is proud to be continuing to help fight the gender diversity gap and see the world of STEM changed for the better.

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