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Case Study

How ANZ Bank enhances communications security


ANZ Bank is one of the top four banks in Australia, the largest banking group in New Zealand and the Pacific, and among the top 50 banks in the world. They provide a wide range of banking and financial products, and services to more than 8.5 million retail
and business customers across 32 markets globally.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, they have a global workforce of more than 51,000 employees across ANZ and its subsidiaries, servicing more than six million customers across 570 branches.

The Challenges

  • Ineffective communication

    Effective stakeholder communication is vital for ANZ as customers engage with different teams, requiring a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

  • Lack of channels

    A range of communication channels are required to enable them to confirm identity, activate accounts, notify customers of changes, and issue bills and notices.

  • Ability to scale

    ANZ Bank needs a scalable, multichannel platform for security verification and future demands as their previous SMS provider couldn't meet their growing needs.

The Solutions

More than 6,000 employees use Whispir to communicate with customers across multiple business divisions, as well as using the platform to communicate internally.

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    One-time passcodes

    ANZ uses SMS to verify customer identity during phone calls or online banking login. A six-digit number is sent for recital or input, adding a security layer and ensuring customer peace of mind.

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    System downtime alerts

    The IT department uses Whispir to inform employees and customers about system outages ahead of time, or as they occur. Using SMS they can instantly communicate with impacted stakeholders, and alleviate any concerns regarding security issues.

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    Fraud detection

    Two-way communications notify customers of potential fraud on their account or credit card. A text message is sent detailing the transaction, and customers can respond with a yes or no. This allows for quick resolution and helps prevent future fraud.

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    It used to take months to set up a new team, but using Whispir they can set up a new team within days, even hours. SMS and emails link to a microsite that can store files and videos, collect information, and more, making it even easier to train a new team.

The Results

  1. Speed to market

    As a bank, speed to market is incredibly important, and Whispir is a vital tool that can be rolled out and scaled across the company quickly.

  2. Scalable

    Whispir was implemented to replace their previous messaging provider but has now expanded throughout the business with more than 6000 employees using it for retail and commercial communications purposes.

  3. Secure

    Whispir's operational practices are backed by an ISO/IEC-27001:2013 and ISO/IEC-27018:2019 certified Information Security Management System. We prioritise security and privacy, taking comprehensive measures to safeguard customer data and making them ideal for organizations like financial institutions.

  4. Efficient and effective

    Multichannel capabilities drive greater engagement and cut through the noise to reach the intended recipient across SMS and email. ANZ leverages SMS for a variety of issues including identity verification, fraud alert, and more.

  5. Low code and no code functionality

    Whispir’s plug-and-play functionality allows customers to be up and running within hours, days at most. The drag-and-drop features are intuitive and simple to use, requiring little to no training, with a variety of ready-to-send templates available to use.

Once we were on to Whispir the value was immediate. Firstly, due to its ‘off-the-shelf’ functionality, it is really easy to adopt and expand. The intuitive nature of the platform has allowed a lot of our teams to self-manage their use, without requiring a centralised team to manage that daily, so it’s a massive saving for us."
- Hung Ho, Migration Project Manager at ANZ Bank

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