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Whispir Integrations

Maximize engagement with our integrations

Offering organizations the capability to master connection and engagement through reimagined communications.

Salesforce logo in greyscale

Get your CRM contacts into Whispir with the click of a button

Increase customer engagement with your Salesforce contacts by integrating the Salesforce CRM with Whispir. By doing so, you can effortlessly send SMS messages, emails, rich text messages, voice messages, and more to your CRM platform contacts. All Salesforce leads and their unique contact details are effortlessly sent over to Whispir – ready for you to send individual or bulk messages across multiple channels. Whispir plus Salesforce takes your omnichannel communications and audience engagement to the next level.

ServiceNow logo in greyscale

Streamline and automate tasks to boost efficiencies

Take automation and workflow control to the next level with Whispir’s plug in for ServiceNow. Whispir’s multi-channel messaging capabilities allows you to tap into the power of SMS, email, and more, while seamlessly drawing on your existing ServiceNow settings and data.

Kenexa logo in greyscale

Capture candidates' interest with engaging communications

Leverage the full power of both Kenexa and Whispir, and create a communication strategy that engages applicants, recruits, and staff like never before. Utilize multiple channels of communication – including SMS and email - and easily automate the process.

Okta logo in greyscale

Elevated security through a single 
log in

By integrating Okta and Whispir, you can ensure greater security and data protection. Okta is the trusted platform for securing identities on the internet. Whispir’s single sign on capability works with Okta, allowing you to use the two platforms seamlessly without the need for multiple log in credentials.

Onelogin logo in greyscale

Access all of your apps via one secure SSO portal

Sync your OneLogin and Whispir platforms through the one, secure login. This integration enables businesses to secure their workforce, customer, and partner data – all while leveraging the power of Whispir's communication tools.

Microsoft Active Directory logo in greyscale

Connect users with the network resources they need – securely

Microsoft’s Active Directory is a proven choice for secure data storage and management. With Whispir’s single sign on capabilities, you can utilize your established Active Directory network alongside the Whispir platform, without the need for multiple login credentials. This creates a seamless and integrated experience across the two platforms.

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Whispir offers organizations the capability to master connection and engagement through reimagined communications.

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