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By role - Safety and compliance

Keep workers safe and engaged through integrated communications

Whispir helps you deliver essential employee safety and compliance communications while improving the health and safety of your workplace.

Prioritize your workers’ health & safety using streamlined communications

The safety of your workplace isn’t something that should be left to chance. To help prevent workplace accidents, reduce compensation costs, and generally improve the wellbeing and safety of your employees, you must have a digital communications and safety plan in place.

Whispir makes it easy to build consistent and engaging internal safety communications. Quickly create and deploy critical communications during an emergency, facilitate training and onboarding, allow workers to check-in wherever they are, record responses from workers - such as marking off compliance checks they’ve completed - and much more.

Our platform is designed to give safety and compliance teams the tools they need to prioritize the health and safety of workers, no coding skills or manual processes required.

Key features

  • Worker engagement

    • Worker check-in

    • Internal memos

    • Remote communications

  • Compliance management

    • OH&S checklists

    • Onboarding and training

    • Captured responses

  • Critical communications

    • Emergency workflows

    • Mass messaging

    • Safety alerts

  • Operational continuity

    • Multi-channel communication

    • Integration

    • Workplace planning

  • Operational securities

    • ISO 27001 certified

    • Member of the CyberGRX Exchange

    • Tier 2 Validated Assessment

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