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Industry solutions - Insurance

Insurance solutions for communicating with policyholders, agents and more

Deliver meaningful, engaging insurance communications to agents, policyholders, and new prospects with the power of Whispir’s digital tools.

Deliver dynamic & insightful insurance communications

Whispir delivers a frictionless, human-centric, and secure end-to-end solution that transforms every aspect of the insurance lifecycle; from purchase to renewal, and from onboarding to making a claim. You can also ensure your agents are empowered and have up-to-date product information through the use of intelligent internal communications.

Gain real insights into the needs of your policyholders, deliver meaningful experiences through personalized messages, and stand out from other insurance agencies with communications that are intentionally impactful.

Take a free platform demo to see how Whispir can transform the way you engage with your agents and policyholders.

Key features

  • Customer engagement

    • Customer onboarding

    • Service and support

    • Billing and collections

  • Business continuity

    • IT service management

    • Automated notices - including renewals

    • Call center deflection and incident management

  • Enterprise communication

    • Secure sales agent communications

    • Company-wide announcements

    • Remote workforce management

  • Crisis communications

    • Travel emergency alerts

    • Statutory reporting

    • Digital health declarations

Whispir has provided my team with a platform to effectively communicate with every AIA Insurance Representative via the use of personalized videos and targeted messaging.
- Ms Wong Sze Keed, Chief Executive Officer, AIA Singapore
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Real world applications