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By role - Human resources

Elevate your human resources with engaging candidate journeys

HR has a lot on their plate. Hiring managers are trying to keep up with a remote workforce, internal HR strategies are being redefined to improve employee retention, and the onboarding process continues to become a more personalized, engaging experience that requires more time and thought to be successful. Whispir enables HR professionals to do all of this without multiple platforms or additional employees.

Whispir helps HR departments create a modern, digital journey for candidates and current employees

With Whispir’s omnichannel communications platform, HR management is simpler than ever. Not only do hiring and retention managers have access to more outreach opportunities via personalized messaging, they can better meet the needs of the 42% of laborers now working from home full-time (Stanford News, 2020).

With this trend unlikely to change course, Whispir’s digital communications solution brings automated workflows to help engage new and current employees at any stage in their employment while also delivering one centralized hub to perform it all - saving HR teams valuable time and resources.

Key features

  • Internal communication

    • Executive updates via email, SMS, and rich message

    • Employee newsletters delivered via preferred channels

    • Automated staff training workflows

  • Talent nurture & retainment

    • Time-sensitive candidate communication for interview scheduling & feedback

    • New employee onboarding and inductions

    • Talent and manager feedback forms

  • Employee engagement

    • Wellness updates & recurring check-ins

    • Remote two-way worker communications

    • Staff surveys and event reminders

  • HR operations

    • Shift management & notifications

    • Workplace planning & specific crew distribution lists

    • COVID-19 compliance

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