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Industry solutions - Education

Empower students, parents & teachers with intelligent communication technology

Leverage meaningful, interactive communications for education to get students, teachers, and parents all on the same page.

Simplifying & streamlining communication for the education industry

Whispir is an easy to use and quick to integrate solution that enables educators and administrators to truly connect with students and parents. Through the use of automated two-way messaging and capabilities across multiple channels, building trust and genuine engagement is easy.

Create and send messages that streamline operations, ensure critical messages get out on time, and automate essential internal processes. Keep families of primary and secondary students informed, and ensure students in higher education know about important updates.

Key features

  • Operational administration

    • Multi-channel engagement

    • OH&S checklists

    • Site security communication

  • Engage parents

    • Principal/Dean announcements

    • Student notifications

    • Parent surveys and events

  • Crisis communications

    • Emergency notifications

    • Mass messaging

    • Safety alerts

  • Internal communications

    • Two-way conversations

    • Staff communication and rostering

    • Onboarding and training

Whispir allows staff and students to quickly communicate with security.
- Kristen Rapana, Asset Management Systems Officer, Charles Sturt University
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