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See how Whispir compares to our competitors

Looking to boost engagement across any channel, all from one platform? Discover how Whispir compares to others in the space with more functionality at a lower cost.

Whispir vs MessageMedia

Comparing Whispir to MessageMedia, the biggest difference is MessageMedia’s limited number of channels. MessageMedia focuses on texting and only supports SMS and different types of phone-based messaging. MessageMedia does not offer all the other channels that Whispir provides, including email, social media, video, and voice. Don’t limit your communications to SMS, rich messaging, and WhatsApp – make sure your platform is ready to serve all your omnichannel needs.

Whispir vs Braze

Whispir provides omnichannel capabilities, enabling customers to send emails, SMS, voice, video, rich messages, and more – all from one centralized platform. Braze only offers SMS and email. It does not have video or voice, meaning it’s not a multi-channel platform like Whispir. Moreover, SMS is a new addition to the Braze platform. Whispir has provided SMS and email, plus many more communication channels, on one single platform for almost 20 years. Cost-wise, Braze charges additional, variable costs for data usage that quickly add up – especially if you’re looking to continually optimize your communications and find new ways to boost engagement.

Whispir vs Twilio

Whispir is designed for ease of use, so that anyone in your business can benefit from omnichannel communication solutions without the need for developers, coding, or technical skills. Twilio on the other hand is a developer-first platform, meaning you need in-house developers or a Twilio trained dev shop, plus deep technical expertise to use it day to day. Twilio does provide access to many communication channels, but you’ll need technical assistance to unlock them. With Whispir, sending a campaign via email, SMS, voice, and leveraging landing pages to increase engagement is a breeze.

Whispir is a very quick and easy way to communicate with people, having the templates and scenarios on hand; makes it simple to send out messages very quickly.”
- Luisa Bosci, Director, Quarantine Art Fair
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