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Use cases - Appointment reminders

Find lost revenues with appointment reminders

Whispir’s automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows without increasing your workload, helping save you time and money.

Illustration showing appointment reminders

Don't let them forget appointments

Sometimes a little nudge makes all the difference in remembering an appointment. Studies show DNA (did not attend) rates drop significantly when people get effective reminders. With Whispir’s automated appointment reminder service you set the initial text reminder for however far in advance you’d like patients or customers to receive it, and also automate follow-up responses based on if or how they responded to the text.

Key features

  • Automation

    Your staff has better things to do with their time than manually remind customers about upcoming appointments. Schedule SMS appointment reminders to send automatically.

  • Follow-up responses

    Create a friendlier, more human interaction by automating follow-up responses based on if or how a recipient confirms their appointment.

  • Cost savings

    Forgetfulness is a primary reason people miss appointments, so an appointment reminder text can make all the difference — and save you lots of money.

Real savings with text reminders

We needed to automate the way we get in touch with candidates. With Whispir’s seamless integration we have revolutionized our way of communicating with candidates, taking them on a digitized recruitment journey.
- Mark Kearney, CEO & Founder ITel International
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