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Industry solutions - Transport and logistics

Transport & logistics solutions that keep teams connected

Clear communication and a direct line between team members is the surest path to success. This is especially true for businesses that rely on their operational communications to be effective and on-time.

Transport & logistics communications for humans on the move

Whispir’s communication platform empowers your organization to upgrade its operating processes, proactively manage scenario planning, innovate operations, and enhance interactions with staff, suppliers, customers, and the entire supply chain.

Key features

  • Workforce management

    • Remote or lone worker check-in

    • Onboarding, induction & compliance

    • Shift & work notifications for mobile workforces

  • Business continuity

    • Automated advisory notices to limit issues

    • Mass outage & maintenance alerts

    • Cross social posting to ensure business messaging is consistent

  • Supply chain communication

    • Logistics, incidents & delays

    • Vehicle telematics

    • Multi-channel messaging for SMS, email, video & voice

  • Operational communications

    • OH&S plus COVID-19 safety & compliance

    • Streamlined internal & external communications

    • Mass trigger + notification capabilities

The customer can control if they want messages through SMS or email, but we also use Whispir to push out the information to our website via an RSS feed ... and we have five different Twitter accounts hooked up to Whispir depending on which train line the messages are for.
- Simon Lock, Digital Communications Adviser V/Line
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Real world applications