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Diversity and Inclusion

Be part of a deliberately diverse and inclusive culture

At Whispir, we believe in the strength of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our varying backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences help us build strong connections with each other and promote innovation in our business.

Our diversity

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    Non-white ethnicity

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In pursuit of a more diverse workspace

Achieving our vision of a world where organizations communicate like people requires us to listen to all people and provide a safe workplace where everyone is valued for who they are and what they bring. By always working to ensure our team is as diverse as the organizations that utilize our platform and the communities they serve, we feel we are better able to meet problems with real solutions that address the needs of the many, not the few.

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Our commitment

We commit to nurturing and sustaining an inclusive and supportive environment in which our employees can flourish and everyone’s voice is heard. We do this in the following 4 key ways:

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    Building and fostering a diverse team

    A deliberate approach to diversity within our hiring process – including targets for the diversity of new hires.

    Strategic Partnerships e.g. Grad Girls to help support underrepresented groups.

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    Creating a culture of belonging

    D&I Insights training sessions – eye-opening and insightful sessions to help us understand more about ourselves and each other.

    Women of Whispir – a group to help connect and support our women.

    Inclusive Allies Training – helping those in advantaged groups to support others.

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    Leading by example

    All leaders have diversity and inclusion KPIs.

    Inclusive Leadership training.

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    Maturing the Whispir platform to be inclusive and accessible to all

    Conducting an accessibility audit.

    Building an Inclusive Design Process.

Join the team

Become part of an amazing work culture.

Introducing our D&I Steering Group

Our D&I Steering team is made up of a representative group from across our organization. They help in shaping our strategy and guide all our D&I initiatives.

  • Hilary Harrington Headshot
    Hilary HarringtonClient Executive
  • Elvin Yong Headshot
    Elvin YongHead of Group Services, Asia Region
  • Kevin Martinez Headshot
    Kevin MartinezCustomer Success Manager
  • Garima Gupta Headshot
    Garima GuptaCustomer Success Manager
  • Rodelita Cruz Headshot
    Rodelita CruzCustomer Support Team Leader
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Women of Whispir

At Whispir, we’re committed to empowering and elevating the voices of our women and gender diverse employees. Through this commitment, we’ve been endorsed by Work180 as a company that’s raising the workplace standards for women.

We know that change comes from within an organisation, which is why we regularly run workshops, create strategies and policies that are informed by our diverse D&I Steering team, and facilitate important conversations around issues that affect women and gender diverse people in the workplace.