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5 ways to streamline your safety & compliance efforts

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Jan 19, 2022
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To keep your workers safe, you need an open means of communication for sending and receiving information in real-time. While several communication channels have traditionally been used – from in-person meetings to paper logs to email reminders – many of these outdated methods are rife with inefficiencies. 

You don’t have time for slow, disconnected communications. So, we’ve created 5 steps to help you streamline your workforce communications.


1. Two-way communications

From weather alerts to periodic compliance reminders – you need an effective way to send messages to employees en masse. Meanwhile, workers need convenient ways to report hazards or incidents to ensure safety is never compromised.

With Whispir, you have access to easy two-way comms at the touch of a button.


2. Multiple communication channels

Buying a separate solution for each communication type is expensive and inefficient. While SMS is effective for real-time alerts, email is better for detailed communications; just as voice calls have a time and place while live video is good for in-depth walkthroughs.

Whispir offers companies a wide range of options for communicating with employees


3. Automated data collection

To comply with audits, you need evidence of your actions. Similarly, if your industry requires certain ongoing tasks to be completed, records must be saved. However, the documentation required can be extensive, and the administrative burden can be huge if not automated.

Ease the burden on your team and resources with Whispir’s data automation.


4. Custom workflows & forms

Most distributed workforces need to fill out industry or company-specific forms to remain safe and compliant. Similarly, workflows and escalation protocols are unique to every organization, which means the ability to build custom forms or implement particular processes is essential.

Whispir helps you create unique workflows and forms with no coding required.


5. Secure message delivery

If you can’t be sure your message will reach your workforce, or that workers can’t reach you, all other concerns become irrelevant. Any communication platform must be built on technology that guarantees all communications are reliable, secure, and happen in real-time.

Send and receive secure communications to your workforce with Whispir.


What are you waiting for? Start communicating with your workforce.

Whispir is ready to help you streamline your communication efforts and reduce administrative burdens. Find out how by booking a demo with us today.

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