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Automated SMS response capture

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Communicating with your customers in an interpersonal and interactive way is crucial. However, that can take up a lot of time. Through SMS response captures, you can send personalised messages to your customers via SMS, without an added strain on your resources.

How does SMS response capture work?

SMS response captures can be automated, fully customisable, and implemented for a wide variety of uses. For instance, they can allow you to send mass messages to a wide audience, such as an important company announcement. Or you can set up conversations that collect information and respond accordingly, for example asking a customer to confirm their appointment.

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By programming your SMS response capture to look out for certain keywords – such as ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘confirm’, or ‘cancel’, you can automate a response that’s personable and relevant.

What are the benefits of SMS response capture?

SMS response captures can benefit your business in many ways, including helping you save time and resources on having to make phone calls to do things such as confirm appointments, capture data, or share key information from your company.

It can help you communicate in a way that’s personalised, friendly, and adaptable. It meets your customers where they are. With 85% of customers possessing smartphones prefer messages to calls or emails, and 90% of people open a text within 3 minutes (compared to 20% of people who bother to open an email at all).

Get started with your SMS response capture

Whispir makes it easy to set up, automate, and customise SMS response captures through our Workflows by Whispir platform. We’ve designed our platform to be easy to use and build with, so you can start creating and integrating better communications with your customers sooner.

As well as our SMS response capture technology, Workflows by Whispir allows you to build dynamic and engaging web pages, send personalised emails to staff and customers, and more.

To find out more on Whispir's workflow studio, click here to sign up for a free trial.

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