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How to boost engagement with your insurance agents

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Jan 24, 2022
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While the success of an insurance company is often seen as a result of customer happiness, at Whispir we believe it starts before that - with the happiness of your employees. Only once agents can work efficiently with both their organization and their customers can they turn leads into policyholders and nurture those relationships via a smooth customer journey.

Here are some tips for boosting network engagement with high-impact results. You can also download our eBook about this very same topic right here.

Engage internally with employees

Insurance is a business model built on human interaction – and this should be reflected in

your internal communications. You can’t provide quality customer experiences if you can’t first effectively communicate with and unify employees across the entire business. Strong internal communications provide a host of benefits, including breaking down information silos, collecting invaluable feedback, increasing employee engagement, and much more.

Keep agents up to date

They say a team is only as fast as its slowest member. It’s essential for agents to stay up to date on the latest company policies, products, speaking points, and more, to ensure consistent customer retention and acquisition across the organization. This is possible through a clear strategy for internal communications. However, with agents often overwhelmed with the number of communications they receive, paired with heavy workloads, cutting through the noise and keeping them engaged can be challenging. This is where Whispir shines, by helping you deliver communications right to agent cell phones via SMS to bypass the barrage of emails and phone calls they’re always fielding. 

Use communication as a means of connection

Insurance companies are made up of diverse departments and teams, each with its own specializations. This makes it easy for teams to feel disconnected from one another, as well as the company’s wider purpose. To combat this, you must create a unified vision and proactively communicate it. News and updates not only act as a means of company alignment but also aid in connecting staff members beyond the 9-5. This can look like weekly video updates from the CEO, internal emails, or even milestone celebrations text to staff members.

Give employees the mic while collecting the feedback you need

Two-way communication is crucial when you want to nurture genuine engagement. By offering members of your organization a channel to authentically express themselves, professionally or personally, you create an atmosphere that allows them to implement ways to better the team, increase organization, and foster a richer community. When it comes to staff feedback, it’s important to build trust so that positive and negative feedback are received equally. So, make sure to establish an ethos that your company prioritizes the opinions and needs of every employee.


The Four Pillars of Internal Support

Leverage these – with a little help from Whispir – and your agents will thank you.


Agents must be able to instantly send compelling and relevant communications to their audience. To create the biggest impact, a multi-channel approach, like Whispir, is key. Send messages via SMS, push notifications, personalized web apps, emails, landing pages with forms, video, text-to-voice, or through chat platforms like WhatsApp.


With Whispir, agents can use simple drag and drop tools to create studio-quality content in minutes without any coding required. Our simple-to-use platform allows agents to create engaging, personalized content for acquisition marketing, retention, and renewal, cross-sell opportunities, surveys, agency communications, and more.


With Whispir, you can simplify complex interactions into scenario-based triggers that make end-to-end solution workflows a breeze. Everything from accelerated customer journeys, providing more seamless experiences, and managing business communications is simplified via one centralized platform.


Understand the target audience and how they interact with your messages by utilizing Whispir’s real-time reporting capabilities. Plus, make data-driven decisions that increase call-to-action rates and levels of engagement with intuitive reporting features that help you define which platform is suited to a specific audience.

Remember, you can see these pillars and much more in our eBook!

What about the customer journey?

Whispir empowers agents to manage end-to-end customer communications at scale.

Here’s what the journey looks like with Whispir:

End-to-end communications allow policyholders to interact with agents on their preferred channels, including SMS, voice, email, video, or social media, anytime, anywhere, using any device. And as we all know, when the customer is happy, so is your staff. 

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