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Whispir market update reaffirms Prospectus forecast

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Mar 24, 2020
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  • Many of Whispir’s customers are using the platform to send business-critical communications to stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Implementation of COVID-19 business continuity plans is increasing use of the platform by existing customers and generating new customer contracts.

  • On track to achieve FY20 Prospectus forecast.

Whispir Limited (ASX: WSP, Whispir or Company), a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) communications workflow platform that automates interactions between businesses and people, reaffirms it is on track to achieve FY20 Prospectus forecasts despite challenging operating environments.

Many of the company’s customers are leveraging Whispir’s crisis communications capability, utilising the platform to activate and coordinate their COVID-19 business continuity plans. This activity is positively impacting platform utilisation from existing customers while demand for crisis communications software during the evolving pandemic is also generating new interest from potential customers.

The Whispir platform is enabling organisations to send two-way interactions at scale to diverse groups of stakeholders across geographies and multiple delivery channels in real time. These communications can be rapidly updated as local conditions change and recorded for auditing purposes, providing traceable communications as the pandemic continues to evolve.

Whispir CEO Jeromy Wells said, “Whispir’s platform is providing a business-critical communications solution during this evolving pandemic, enabling our customers to effectively inform their staff, customers and suppliers as the situation continues to rapidly change.

“While the impact of COVID-19 is flowing through the operating rhythms of our customers, and may change some of our traditional sales cycles, the current operating environment also provides an opportunity to assist new customers with their COVID-19 communications, incrementally introducing new customers to the platform starting with a single use case.”

“Whispir has tried and tested protocols in place to ensure we are able to continue to service and support our customers as they respond to their challenging operating environments.

“We are well-funded and continue to execute our growth strategy and remain on track to achieve our FY20 Prospectus forecast.”

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