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Case Study

How Victoria Police is using Whispir to power an Australian-first initiative


Victoria Police helps protect the Victorian community, operating within 21 divisions across four regions statewide. Established in 1853, they provide around-the-clock policing services to keep over 6.6 million Victorians safe. Over 5 million Victorians reside in the state’s capital, Melbourne.

The Challenge

Given their role within the community, being able to provide the community with alternative
methods of reporting non-life-threatening incidents is incredibly important. Using Whispir, Victoria Police can digitise the reporting process for reporting unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport and obtain information to assist in their investigation.

The Solutions

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    Introducing STOPIT

    Victoria Police's STOPIT, powered by Whispir, combats public transport's unwanted sexual behaviour. Texting 'STOPIT' generates a reporting form for incident details. Whispir sends reports to police for investigation.

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    Easy reporting of unwanted behaviour on public transport

    Unreported public transport incidents prompted Victoria Police to use tech for immediate reporting, inspired by the UK's 'Report It to Stop It' initiative. This campaign enables text-based incident reporting, mirroring the UK's 31% rise in reports and 500+ arrests (2015/2016).

  • How STOPIT will benefit the commmunity

    This service encourages reporting worldwide. Whispir's platform aids reporting, helping police investigate, apprehend offenders, enhance community safety, and use data for hotspot safety improvements.

  • How Whispir benefits the emergency services sector

    Using various communication methods simultaneously benefits emergency services. With Whispir's intelligence, organisations can efficiently engage stakeholders.

The Results

  1. Multichannel communications

    Send crucial messaging by SMS, email, voice and video calls, and utilise social media integration to fulfil Business Continuity Plans, R U Safe messaging and more.

  2. Bulk sending

    Send messages to a large group, using a number of channels at the press of a button.

  3. Two-way communication

    Link SMS and emails to a microsite featuring response components to capture information and survey stakeholders.

  4. API integration

    Streamline communication with stakeholders by integrating with internal systems, cutting manual processes and resource needs.

  5. Geolocation

    Geolocation enables automated targeted communications based on audience location, including on-site alerts, safety checks, and incident management.

  6. Dedicated Alias

    Whispir offers a custom alias for texts, emails, and hyperlinks, enhancing authoritative communication and boosting open rates.

  7. Distribution lists

    Group contacts for efficient bulk sending, streamlined escalations, and opt-in data. Detailed profiles enhance list intelligence.

  8. Escalation features

    Automate follow-ups using rule triggers. Whispir escalates unanswered messages, provides info based on user response, and changes channels per set rules.

  9. Reporting and insights

    Gain important insights on deliverability, communication bounces, and open/click-through rates.

  10. Voice Out

    Voice messaging capabilities allow users to send recorded and/or text-to-speech messages to any mobile phone device or landline phone.

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