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Chatbots vs Talkbots: what you need to know about conversational AI

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Andrew Fry

VP Asia

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Mar 9, 2023
3 min read

Conversational AI has transformed the way organisations are able to interact with their customers and stakeholders. Through decades of research and development, we’re now at a place where AI offers a reliable, cost-effective, and resource-saving solution that can truly have a positive impact on how businesses operate and communicate.

Two of the main options in this field of technology are chatbots and Talkbots. While they belong to the same conversational AI family, there’s quite a bit of difference between them. Let’s take a closer look.

How a chatbot works

A chatbot is designed to converse with a user via text, similar to a ‘Live Chat’ you might have with a human agent. They can appear on websites as a pop-up messaging platform, or may even respond to you when you interact with an organisation’s social media – for example, via their Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots usually work in one of two ways:

  1. Simple chatbots are programmed to pick up on certain keywords or phrases and respond with pre-programmed answers. This might mean they can recognise when a user types in something like, ‘I want to learn more about car insurance’, and then provide a response accordingly – such as a link to an FAQ or web page.

  2. More complex chatbots with natural language processing capabilities can apply contextual awareness and personalise responses based on a user’s profile or past conversations. For example, someone might state that they need help with a booking, and then later in the same conversation provide their booking number. Because this type of chatbot has contextual awareness, they can understand what this booking number is in reference to, and can provide more comprehensive assistance.

The science behind Talkbots

Talkbots – sometimes referred to as ‘voice bots’ – are specialised conversational bots that verbally respond to users via phone calls. One of the incredible things about Talkbots is how hyper-realistic they can be. In fact, WIZ.AI, one of the leading Talkbot specialists on the market, reports that 95% of users don’t recognise they’re talking to a voice AI in a real-life scenario.

That’s because their Talkbots are designed with incredibly advanced automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, which is able to recognise the intent of users. Their AI is able to continuously listen and block out any interruptions. If a caller sounds confused, asks for something to be repeated, or even falls silent, WIZ.AI’s Talkbots are programmed to swiftly clear up confusion using clarifying statements.

WIZ.AI’s Talkbots even adopt natural nuances into their language – such as “um” and “ah” – to sound more realistic.

Transform how you communicate with intelligent Talkbot technology

Whispir is proud to be partnering with WIZ.AI to bring you this truly innovative and powerful conversational AI tool. It’s a great technology to use for a whole range of things – in particular, for transforming your outbound call process.  

This is especially true when you consider that WIZ.AI can help you:

  • Handle 2.8 times more calls than a human agent

  • Increase efficiency by up to 80%

  • Free up 60% of the time you spend on post-call processing

When you think about all the costs and time involved in making outbound calls to do things like collect payments and debts, confirm bookings, and qualify leads, how much of an impact could WIZ.AI make on your organisation? 

Coupled with Whispir’s multi-channel capabilities, you can truly take your communication to the next level. 

Want to see what it’s all about? Book a free demo with our team today, and see how Whispir (powered by WIZ.AI’s Talkbot technology) can revolutionise the conversations you’re having with your customers.

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